Buy Exquisite Diamonds from the Canadian and Russian Arctic Region with Sydney’s Premier Diamond Dealers

Loose & Set Diamonds in Sydney

Infinity Diamonds is an established diamond dealer in Sydney, offering impeccable, precision cut diamonds, for when you mean forever. We are specialist diamond dealers who offer loose and set diamonds to buy in the Sydney area.

Is this your first diamond? Or are you continuing your love affair with the 5 C's of Carat, Colour, Clarity, Cut and Certification?

Either way, welcome. As a specialist diamond jeweller in Sydney, Infinity Diamonds have spent the past 25 years scouring the four corners of the globe to offer you a stunning array of vivid, unique and precious of stones. Whether you are looking to buy superior grade loose diamonds in Sydney, or an engagement ring to last the ages, our brand is synonymous with impeccable quality.

Peace of Mind

When you choose to work with us, you are electing to experience unparalleled quality with Sydney’s diamond specialists. Ideal for those looking to buy loose diamonds in Sydney, the stones that we hand pick come with a matching GIA diamond laboratory report direct from the cutters. Backed by generations of experience, we are specialist diamond dealers who pride ourselves on our ability to match our Sydney clients with their perfect diamond. Because we are both dealers and jewellers, Infinity combines technical industry expertise with a refined design consciousness to offer stones and settings of incomparable elegance.

To further ensure your Infinity diamond carries its true value far into the future, we also offer an additional laser inscription of the Infinity Diamonds logo along with the existing inscription of the GIA report number. A certificate of origin is also provided with each stone as proof of being extracted from the Canadian or Russian mines. In addition to this, you are invited to register your diamond on our personal diamond jeweller register at

Engagement Rings

Engage with our specialist Sydney jewellers and create a bespoke diamond engagement ring that is the ultimate symbol of your love. Select from some of the worlds’ rarest and most extraordinary stones and work with our master jeweller to create a custom setting.

Wholesale Diamonds

We are an established diamond wholesaler with over thirty years of experience in sourcing extraordinary stones from all over the world. We guarantee high quality diamonds at the lowest prices in the market, this is backed by our price match policy.

If you are looking to buy a diamond in Sydney, Infinity Diamonds is the place to go. We are a specialist diamond jeweller offering a wealth of knowledge and peerless service. If you would like any more information on our exquisite range of jewellery or loose diamonds, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sydney’s Premier Diamond Dealer- Infinity Diamonds
Precision Cut Diamonds
The Diamonds that we hand pick come with a matching highest standard diamond laboratory report from the “GIA” direct from the Cutters.
A Certificate of Origins
A Certificate of Origins is also provided with each stone as proof of being extracted from the Canadian mines.
GIA Certification GIA Certification
Certification report alone can effect a diamond's value by up to 50%! GIA is without a doubt the world's leading and most trusted Gemological Laboratory.
Infinity Diamonds - Where Brilliance does not outshine Value

The 5 C's of Infinity Diamonds


We weigh the diamond with the most minute of weight measurements.


Less colour, better the grade.


Clarity of internal & external characteristics.


Maximum light & maximum scintillation.


GIA quality grading assures the consumer of REAL VALUE.

Certifications & Awards

Your assurance & peace of mind.