About Us

In the 1950's Master Jeweller Manuel Duque arrived to Sydney from Spain with an already high experience in the creation of custom designed, handmade jewellery. Some of the pieces he had created were for Spanish and German royalty. His craftsmen ship was immediately identified by some Australia's most exclusive jewellers and so he instantly became under heavy demand. He continued to be in high demand to hand make some of the most important pieces ever produced in this country by some the most successful Jewellers in Australia until retiring in 2010.

During that time, in 1985 his son, Waldo, was following in his footsteps and began working on the bench as a jeweller by his side where he learnt true passion of what it is to be a jeweller. Waldo continued learning the art of jewellery while Manuel kept producing the highest of quality custom pieces to the jewellery industry of Australia.

Distinct Diamonds was formed in 1993 when father and son went to Belgium on their first diamond buying trip. There they had their first meeting with the world renound Flemish Master Cutters where they spent a few late nights at dinner after selecting pre ordered loose diamonds, sharing their mutual respect and passion for the art of jewellery and gems of all kind. The rest as they say is history. During the 1990's and early 2000's Waldo developed relations with many clientele all around Australia and learnt all about the market demands whilst wholesaling and supplying on demand.

In 1993 Waldo, now director, created the iconic Infinity Diamond brand and addressed many of the common problems with quality criteria along with Certification inconsistencies.

With the collective knowledge passed on by his beloved father and Waldo's 29 years in the trade, 80 years of family experience and genuine love for the art of supplying your true love's one of a kind piece.

The Infinity Diamonds Difference

  • Lowest prices guaranteed by our Price match policy
  • Sourcing and supplying diamonds not just Diamond Grading Reports
  • Well established Australian Diamond wholesale specialists
  • Working closely with some of the worlds best cutters
  • Access to very important rare coloured diamonds around the world
  • Supplying some of Australia's most exclusive jewellers
  • Only work with GIA certified goods
  • We have specialised in custom handmade pieces for over 25 years