White Diamonds

We at Infinity Diamonds have been importing and wholesaling to the Jewellery industry of Australia for over 20 years. It has been our daily requirement to supply on demand. Our customers have been accustomed to our methods of sourcing stones on an individual basis, as each and every diamond is as unique as is each customer with their specific requirements.

Our customers are accustomed to our experience as Diamond Merchants. They know that we do not just rely on the basic GIA report but rather the Manufacturer’s Grading Report (MGR) which are supplied to us by the Master Diamond Cutters. This report is of a much higher lever of information in reference to the stones specific characteristics such as Inclusion Pattern ( Clustered or scattered ), Inclusion positioning ( Table/Center or Side/Out of table centre ) and many other crucial specifications on each and every stone. This qualitative measure provides absolute transparency. These methods of sourcing stones are as clear as the stones we purchase on behalf of our valued customers.

Infinity Diamonds will not present a stone to our clients until it has been checked against our qualitative benchmarking parameters. It is not enough to just rely on GIA so we educate our customers on this industry  knowledge. This approach of pure clarity has proven to be the success of our past 20 years.

When you call us, you will learn all you ever needed to know to be able to make an educated decision before making your final selection.