Our Guarantee

Infinity Diamonds have been approved by GIA world wide for adding laser inscription of the Infinity Diamonds logo and name.

This approval is only given after documentation submitted to the GIA demonstrates that rough diamond sources are  KIMBERLY PROCESS COMPLIANT  (KPC) and adhere to the DIAMOND TRADING COMPANY'S (DTC) BEST PRACTICE PRINCIPLES (BPP). This process guarantees you that all Infinity Diamonds are CONFLICT FREE.

Our rough diamonds procure from  TWO of the world's most ethical, responsible and largest mining companies.

The DOMINION DIAMONDS CORPORATION is a Canadian diamond mining company with ownership interests in two major producing diamond mines situated approximately 200 km  south of the Arctic Circle in Canada's Northwest Territories. The company operates the Ekati Diamond Mine and also the Diavik Diamond Mine.

ALROSA  is a leader of the world diamond mining industry, a Russian partially state-owned diamond mining company.

When you purchase an Infinity Diamond you have the worlds foremost leading Diamond Laboratory, GIA in combination with the Kimberly Process as undeniable documentation assuring you of an ethically mined and produced diamond.

Along with the confidence of ethical origins you also are receiving the utmost in diamond grading reports which Guarantees you are receiving the true value of product that you pay for.

This is our way, of providing unquestionable and independent documentation for your complete assurance of authenticity which in turns secures the true value of your selected stone for the future of its life as a commodity.

The Infinity Diamonds Difference

  • Lowest prices guaranteed by our Price match policy
  • Sourcing and supplying diamonds not just Diamond Grading Reports
  • Well established Australian Diamond wholesale specialists
  • Working closely with some of the worlds best cutters
  • Access to very important rare coloured diamonds around the world
  • Supplying some of Australia's most exclusive jewellers
  • Only work with GIA certified goods
  • We have specialised in custom handmade pieces for over 25 years