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1.02ct D IF (Internally Flawless) Emerald Cut GIA

1.02ct D IF (Internally Flawless) Emerald Cut GIA

So for those who want something nobody else would have…..

This 1.02ct D colour IF stone is being offered by INFINITY during our launch to the members of the public. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to give your loved one the most rarest of all and to invest into this extraordinary stone. In a high end store you will be paying over $40,000 for a stone like this but it has been heavily reduced as part of our promotion.

Dont miss this rare opportunity now.

Price: $10650 AUD plus GST

1.05ct E VS2 GIA

1.05ct E VS2 GIA

This week’s special piece on offer at a price that is as low as the quality is high.

Collection colour, (E) in combination with clean Purity (VS2) and Faint Fluro, which at the end of the day is just another undesired IMPURITY………

Excellent and Very Good specs on the make, (CUT) finalise the box ticking which allows us at Infinity Diamonds to offer this quality piece. This stone has all the basic minimum requirements to be able to be offered by us. We do not offer stones that are not within the Infinity perameters. VG minimum, Faint fluro maximum, GIA only etc…..

Lowest Price anywhere as per price match policy. Based on GIA comparisons.

Price: AU $5690 Ex GST