Wholesale Diamonds Sydney

Sydney Diamond Wholesaler

Sourcing exquisite stones from some of the most inaccessible places on the planet, Infinity Diamonds is an established diamond wholesaler in Sydney that offers stones of peerless quality at the lowest prices on the market. We are diamond specialists with decades of experience working with rare, high quality stones.

Sydney is full of diamond wholesalers selling ordinary, run of the mill gems at inflated prices. When you choose to buy diamonds from Infinity, you are choosing excellence. With over thirty years of experience in the diamond wholesale business, we know how to offer a good deal on some of the rarest coloured and highest quality diamonds available anywhere in the world. Why settle for mediocrity when you have access to the best?

We are proud to work closely with some of the best diamond cutters in the world to offer you gems of impeccable quality. We source high quality diamonds of the white, pink, yellow, orange and champagne varieties as well as rarer colours including blue, green and brown diamonds. All of our gems come with GIA diamond grading reports which assess colour, clarity, cut and carat weight as well as examine the stone’s clarity characteristics and cut grade. Each stone’s GIA certification also details a graphic representation of the diamond, so you know exactly what you are getting. All of our wholesale diamonds available in Sydney also come with a certificate of origin.

Infinity Diamonds’ in Sydney offers wholesale diamonds at the lowest prices on the market. You can be assured that with Infinity Diamonds, you are receiving high quality stones at low prices. This is backed by our price match policy which will match a lower price if you find a diamond of the same quality with another accredited wholesaler. You can be assured that when you buy diamonds with us, you are receiving the best quality and prices to be found anywhere on the market.

If you would like any more information on our range of wholesale diamonds available in Sydney, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are the premier diamond wholesaler in Sydney and as such, can guarantee you a quality and price that you will not find anywhere else. We also work with master jewellers to create custom engagement rings and other exquisite jewellery pieces. Infinity Diamonds is a name synonymous with excellence; if you are looking to buy diamonds, why not buy them with the best.